Goose Island Brewery Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

An Unforgettable Wedding at Goose Island Brewery

June 7, 2023


As a wedding photographer, there are certain moments that make every event truly special. Liz and Colin’s wedding at the enchanting Goose Island Brewery on May 6, 2023, was one such occasion. From their romantic first look to their emotionally charged private vows, every aspect was infused with love and beauty. Join us as we relive the unforgettable wedding at Goose Island Brewery and timeless details of this remarkable day.

Romantic First Look

Goose Island Brewery Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Love was in full bloom as Liz and Colin prepared to embark on their journey together. With an enchanting array of flowers as their backdrop, their first look was an ethereal moment. The atmosphere was brimming with anticipation, allowing us to capture the pure essence of their love in each photograph.

An Intimate Moment

Liz and Colin chose to exchange their heartfelt vows privately. This was the perfect intimate moment before the whirlwind of the day began. With only their closest loved ones as witnesses, there was not a dry eye to be seen. We discreetly captured these cherished moments of vulnerability and connection. Their private vow exchange was a testament to their commitment, and it remains a beautiful memory for those fortunate enough to witness it.

The Ceremony

Goose Island Brewery Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Dark Wood, Whiskey Barrel Backdrop, and Floral Splendor: The ceremony setting was nothing short of enchanting. The rich tones of dark wood blended harmoniously with the rustic charm of whiskey barrels. This was a captivating backdrop for Liz and Colin’s union. Everywhere you looked, candles softly flickered, casting a warm glow adding an air of intimacy and romance to the proceedings.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the handfasting ritual. Steeped in tradition, this ancient Celtic custom symbolizes the binding of two souls in matrimony. Liz and Colin’s hands were gently and artfully entwined with beautifully woven ribbons, signifying the joining of their lives. As they exchanged vows of love and commitment, their connection was further reinforced. The handfasting ceremony served as a powerful reminder of the profound commitment they were making to one another. It was an honor to capture this timeless ritual.

A Wedding to Remember

Goose Island Brewery Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Liz and Colin’s unforgettable wedding at Goose Island Brewery was a true testament to the power of love and the beauty that surrounds it. From their captivating first look, surrounded by nature’s exquisite tapestry of flowers, to the emotional exchange of private vows and the enchanting ceremony backdrop of dark wood and whiskey barrels, every moment exuded romance and charm. The handfasting ritual brought forth a deep sense of unity, symbolizing the everlasting bond between two souls. As a wedding photographer, it was a privilege to document these moments of pure love and create lasting memories for Liz and Colin to cherish for a lifetime. Their wedding day was a celebration of their unique love story, and it will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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