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Rookery Chicago Wedding

Love stories often begin in the most unexpected places. Seth and Alex’s journey to their incredible wedding day is no exception. They met through an online dating website, and little did they know that their connection would lead to an unforgettable wedding at the Rookery. In January 2024, they will celebrate ten wonderful years together. […]

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London House Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Love stories have a unique way of weaving themselves into the fabric of our lives. Linda and Thomas’ tale is no exception. Their journey began at the gym one fateful summer in 2015, a chance meeting that was years in the making. Both of them were DePaul graduates, living in the same building, yet destiny […]

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Kuipers Farm Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Nick and Tabitha’s love story began in the most unexpected place – a high school chemistry class during their sophomore year. Little did they know that the spark they felt during those experiments would eventually lead to a lifetime of love. Fast forward to a sunny day in Geneva, where Nick took Tabitha by surprise […]

September 27, 2023

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Sarasota Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

On a sunny afternoon in Sarasota, Florida, two hearts intertwined on a journey that began seven years ago. Alivia and Jordan, a couple whose love story originated in the world of social media, embarked on a magical wedding day. It was nothing short of a dream come true. From their first meeting on Instagram to […]

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Sanctuary Colorado Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Love has a beautiful way of finding us in the most unexpected places, and for Jessica and Parsia, it happened in a cozy bar where they crossed paths, leading to a whirlwind romance that would ultimately lead to their breathtaking wedding in Colorado at the Sanctuary Resort. Their story is one filled with enchanting moments, […]

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Milwaukee Art Mueseum Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Love stories come in all shapes and sizes. The tale of Hudaa and Scott is one that beautifully weaves together the modern world of dating apps, a pandemic-driven realization, and a romantic proposal in the heart of New York City. The culmination of their journey led them to a timeless wedding at the Milwaukee Art […]

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Westin Chicago Lauren Ashley Studios

Welcome to the captivating tale of Jenn and Laki. Their love story that began with a chance encounter and blossomed into a lifelong partnership. On July 22, their journey culminated in a heartwarming wedding celebration that showcased their unique history, personalities, and love. Join us as we dive into the details of their remarkable love […]

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Viceroy Hotel Chicago Lauren Ashley Studios

Love stories often begin in the most unexpected places, and for Holly and Jacob, it all started on Bumble. This platform had a unique twist where women had the opportunity to message the men first, but with a time limit of 24 hours. Fate brought them together, and Holly decided to seize the chance by […]

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Serbian Wedding Indiana Lauren Ashley Studios

Love has the incredible power to bring people together in the most unexpected ways. For Abby and Adam, their love story began eight years ago, during their freshman year at Indiana University. Little did they know that their chance meeting in the same dorm would lay the foundation for a lifetime of happiness and memories. […]