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Beautiful Lakeside Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Out on the dock, surrounded my loved ones, these two sweethearts had a blast celebrating their beautiful lakeside wedding. It’s funny, even the most confident people get anxious right before their wedding ceremony. Actors, politicians, public speakers. Everyone feels the nerves in the lead up to exchanging their vows, and it makes sense. Typically, there’s […]

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Lauren Ashley Studio Francescas and blackberry farm Chicago Wedding scaled

Covid can’t stop two people from wanting to be together forever no matter what those two have to do to have a safe wedding.  Sam and Michael had their closest family and friends there with them to celebrate the special day during these times. The most important things to capture where  Their family’s love for […]

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Lauren Ashley Studio train bridal session chicago Wedding scaled

Our beautiful couple looks so vintage chic so We went down to a little Train station to capture some of these romantic winter train bridal Shots!!! Scroll down and let us know what you think!😉

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A scaled

I always adore photographing weddings! The air is filled with love and you can’t help but adore the details that go into everything. Kara and Bobby are a prime example of this!  This beautiful back yard wedding had rustic, fall, light & airy vibes which made it super easy for the mood to set in […]

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wedding photography bloopers bridesmaids Ddrop the groom while the bride storms off

From time to time, I see articles online, or someone shares one on social media, talking about “why is wedding photography so much more expensive.” Or, I’ve heard the infamous statement made by many a groom: “…all you have to do is put “wedding” in front of it and the price triples….”. That might seem […]

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bride groom the well distillery creative wedding photography

So, you have the perfect person, a ring you love, a date picked out and now you’re choosing your wedding vendors. You know you want a photographer whose images move you, and you can’t wait to splash pictures of your big day across your social media pages and hang them on your walls. You have […]