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Best Photography Spots in the Chicago Suburbs

January 18, 2024




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Every couple dreams of having their special moments beautifully captured, and every photographer seeks the perfect backdrop to make those moments shine. In the Chicago suburbs, there’s no shortage of stunning locations that offer the perfect canvas for wedding and engagement photography. As seasoned wedding photographers who’ve captured countless love stories in this area, we’re delighted to share our list of the best photography spots in the Chicago Suburbs.

Morton Arboretum

Location: Lisle, IL
Details: Morton Arboretum is a paradise for nature-loving couples. With its beautifully maintained grounds, lush greenery, and multiple picturesque locations, it’s an ideal spot for engagement and wedding photos. The arboretum offers a range of backdrops, from enchanting forests to vibrant gardens.

Permits: Keep in mind that photo permits are required at Morton Arboretum. Prices vary depending on membership and group size, starting at $50. The investment is well worth it for the breathtaking images you’ll capture amidst this natural wonderland. You can view more information here.

Cantigny Park

Location: Wheaton, IL
Details: Cantigny Park is another gem in the Chicago suburbs, boasting beautifully landscaped gardens and lush trees that provide a dreamy atmosphere for photos. The park features a grand building that adds a touch of elegance to your shots, perfect for those “wow” moments.

Permits: Like Morton Arboretum, Cantigny Park requires photo permits. Daily permits start at $50 for groups of up to 7 people, making it an accessible option for capturing your special moments in this idyllic setting. Click here for more information.

Waterfall Glen

Location: Darien, IL
Details: Waterfall Glen is a collection of parks that come together to create a natural oasis. The charming waterfall, serene trails, and seasonal beauty make this location a photographer’s dream. In the summer, you’ll be surrounded by colorful flowers, while the fall offers a stunning display of foliage.

Permits: The best part about Waterfall Glen is that it’s entirely free, and there’s ample parking available. It’s a beloved spot for both photographers and couples looking for an enchanting backdrop.

Naperville Riverwalk

Location: Naperville, IL
Details: Set in the heart of downtown Naperville, the Naperville Riverwalk offers a blend of urban charm and natural beauty. This location features cute pathways, a charming covered bridge, and a tranquil fountain. In the summertime, it can be a bustling spot, but with the right angles, you can easily capture intimate moments.

Permits: The Naperville Riverwalk is free to access, but parking can occasionally be a challenge due to its popularity. However, the picturesque setting makes it worth the effort.

Lake Katherine

Location: Palos Heights, IL
Details: Lake Katherine is a beautiful location surrounding a small lake, especially enchanting in the fall when the foliage displays a kaleidoscope of colors. It’s an ideal spot for couples or small groups seeking a tranquil, natural backdrop.

Permits: Lake Katherine does require a photo permit, which costs $100 for an hour. While it’s perfect for smaller gatherings, it may pose challenges for larger groups. For more information, click here.


In conclusion, the Chicago suburbs offer a diverse array of enchanting locations for capturing your most cherished moments. From the lush greenery of Morton Arboretum to the urban charm of Naperville Riverwalk, each spot has its unique appeal. Remember to check permit requirements and fees before planning your photo sessions, and be prepared to be enchanted by the beauty these locations have to offer. Happy capturing!

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