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Capturing Love, Laughter, and New Beginnings: A New Year’s Eve Wedding

January 3, 2024




Weddings are always emotional for me, no matter how many I photograph. I love serving every couple, creating an experience just for them.

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As wedding photographers, we have the privilege of witnessing countless love stories, each unique in its own beautiful way. Morgan and Mike’s New Year’s Eve wedding was one such heartwarming celebration that left us truly touched. Let us share more about this memorable New Year’s Eve Wedding at Independence Grove.

In the Beginning

Their journey began at the University of Missouri, where a mutual friend introduced them. Little did they know that this fateful meeting would be the start of an incredible eight-year love story.

Morgan and Mike’s connection deepened when their fraternity and sorority were paired up for homecoming festivities. They found themselves spending more and more time together, making cherished memories throughout their college years. Their love story continued to grow, and before they knew it, they were celebrating Easter Sunday at Morgan’s parents’ house. However, this Easter held a delightful surprise that Morgan could have never anticipated.

Unbeknownst to Morgan, both of their families had gathered for what was seemingly a simple “Family photos” session in the backyard. As they took a photo together, Mike, overcome with love and excitement, got down on one knee, proposing to the love of his life. Family and friends, hidden away, eagerly awaited the surprise and joined in celebrating the joyous moment. Their love story had come full circle, and they embarked on the journey to their wedding day.

The Perfect Day: A New Year’s Eve Wedding

The New Year’s Eve wedding of Morgan and Mike was a magical affair filled with unforgettable moments. When asked about their favorite part of the day, they both shared a sentiment that warmed our hearts. Their ceremony, a reflection of their love, was an emotional highlight neither had expected. The genuine emotion that passed between them as they exchanged vows was truly remarkable.

Another standout moment was the traditional Jewish custom of the stomping of the glass, which they both found incredibly cool and meaningful. Their wedding was a day of warmth, love, and, of course, lots of dancing, making it an unforgettable celebration.

Advice to Share

New Years Eve Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Morgan and Mike have valuable advice to offer to future couples embarking on their journey to marriage. They emphasize the importance of staying true to your vision and not being afraid to say no to ideas that don’t align with your dreams. Trusting your photographer is key, as the photos will be cherished for a lifetime.

They also shared the significance of experiencing the day together, remaining within earshot of one another. This allowed them to connect with more people, efficiently experience the day, and share precious moments together before the festivities began.

New Year, New Memories

As the clock ticked down to midnight, the atmosphere was electrifying. A grand balloon drop marked the arrival of the new year, and Morgan and Mike welcomed it together with open hearts and immense joy.

To Morgan and Mike, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and adventure. May the new year bring you all the happiness and blessings that your hearts desire. Thank you for allowing us to capture the beautiful moments of your love story. Cheers to the start of a wonderful journey together!

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