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Chelsea & Kaitlin | Lincoln park | North Beach | Ritual coffee house

June 1, 2021


Chelsea and Kaitlin melted my heart in the past weekend! We first met at Their apartment so we can have a little family photo session with the Doggos! We made sure to walk them before the fun started!

As we Walked around Chicago, we had to stop at Ritual coffee house for a cup of coffee and some Eskimo kisses!

Of course, when you’re in Chicago for a stroll, you have to stop by Lincoln Park for its beautiful locations and enjoy the city’s scenery at the end of the night at north beach.

Chelsea & Kaitlin met at OrangeTheory. Chelsea was a coach there, and Kaitlin was a member. To this day, they will continue to argue over who noticed who first. 

They both wound up proposing to one another! Kaitlin made the first move, surprising Chelsea with her grandmother’s engagement ring at Maggie Daley Park after a day of kayaking.

Two months later, Chelsea recreated the scene from ‘Friends’ where Monica proposed to Chandler in their apartment with her grandmother’s ring on their 72nd wedding anniversary.

Chelsea and Kaitlin are excited to celebrate with, their family and friends in full capacity since they got engaged during the pandemic. They are excited to put all of the world aside for a night and honor the love they have for one another with those closest to them.