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Capturing Love and Nature: Enchanting Wedding at Chicago Botanical Gardens

June 29, 2023


Love is a journey that takes us to breathtaking places, both in our hearts and across the world. For Mark and Emma, their love story led them from the serene beauty of Mackinac Island to the enchanting Chicago Botanical Gardens. Join us as we dive into the magical moments, from the heartwarming proposal to the enchanting wedding at Chicago Botanical Gardens.

The Proposal

It all began on the front porch of The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, MI. Surrounded by their closest friends, Mark dropped to one knee and asked Emma to be his forever. Mackinac Island held a special place in their hearts, as it was their first trip together in 2019. The nostalgic setting and the presence of their dear friends made the proposal an unforgettable moment.

A Romantic Gown

Chicago Botanical Garden Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

As Emma began envisioning her wedding day, she sought the perfect gown to embody her romantic spirit. The Crystal Bride in Geneva, IL became her haven. She discovered a Madi Lane gown that resonated with her deeply. Surprising herself, it was the first dress she tried on, and she immediately felt that it was “so her.” The gown’s delicate charm, ideal for the garden venue, and its comfort made it the one. Emma knew this because she couldn’t resist trying it on again and again, not wanting to let go of the enchanting feeling it gave her.

A First Touch

Chicago Botanical Garden Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

On the wedding day, emotions ran high as the couple prepared for their union. Emma desired a first look, eager to share a private moment with Mark before the ceremony. However, Mark had a different idea. They decided on a “first touch” instead, where they could reach out and connect, calming their nerves and sharing a quick prayer before entering the chapel. The photographs captured their genuine reactions, turning this intimate exchange into a cherished memory.

Every aspect of the wedding day was meticulously planned, and it unfolded flawlessly. The joyful anticipation filled the air as friends and family gathered to witness Mark and Emma’s union. From the meaningful ceremony to the romantic cocktail hour, they relished in the moments shared with their loved ones. Taking a golf cart ride through the picturesque gardens added a touch of adventure and playfulness to the day. The English Walled Garden provided a dreamy and charming backdrop for the cocktail hour. It was the perfect day for an enchanting wedding at Chicago Botanical Gardens!

Wedding at Chicago Botanical Gardens

One of the highlights for Mark and Emma was watching Emma walk down the aisle, surrounded by the loving gazes of their family and friends. Stepping out of the chapel, hand in hand, they felt an overwhelming sense of love and support. The gardens became their playground as they joyfully posed for photographs, capturing the beauty of their special day amidst nature’s splendor.

As the reception commenced, Mark and Emma conquered their first dance with grace and confidence. Twelve dance lessons paid off as they swayed effortlessly to the music. The DJ ensured the night was a lively celebration, keeping the dance floor packed until the late hours.


Reflecting on their magical day, Mark and Emma offer advice to future brides: cherish the moments you wish to be captured and hold them close to your heart, for time passes swiftly. Take your time getting ready and revel in the excitement that surrounds you. Don’t sweat the small details and stay true to your own desires and opinions. Remember, this day is about you and your partner—it’s a celebration of your unique love story.

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