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Capturing Love Through the Lens: An Unforgettable Wedding Journey

August 17, 2023




Weddings are always emotional for me, no matter how many I photograph. I love serving every couple, creating an experience just for them.

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Welcome to the captivating tale of Jenn and Laki. Their love story that began with a chance encounter and blossomed into a lifelong partnership. On July 22, their journey culminated in a heartwarming wedding celebration that showcased their unique history, personalities, and love. Join us as we dive into the details of their remarkable love story and an unforgettable wedding journey at the Westin in Chicago.

A Boxing Ring to Forever Love

Jenn and Laki’s love story commenced in an unexpected place – a boxing class at their local gym, four years ago. Their connection was immediate, a testament to the ease with which they fell into each other’s lives. Mutual comfort, openness about their feelings, and a shared sense of self made their bond unbreakable. Laki’s health scare served as a turning point, confirming to both that they had found their soulmate. Jenn’s caring nature and Laki’s easy-going spirit made it clear that they were meant to be.

From Clearwater Beach to a Lifetime of Love

Laki’s proposal, a pivotal moment in their journey, took place on the shores of Clearwater Beach in Florida. A location that symbolized their love’s journey – calm, beautiful, and full of endless possibilities. The serenity of the moment was a reflection of their partnership. It marked the start of their journey toward marital bliss.

The Dress

Westin Chicago Lauren Ashley Studios

Jenn’s wedding dress, discovered at Martellan’s in Lemont, perfectly encapsulated her personality and style. The second dress she tried on, it was a balance of elegance and playfulness that she adored. Referred to as “mocha,” the dress was a true representation of Jenn – beautiful, comfortable, and uniquely her. The dress’s significance deepened as her uncle, who helped her pick it out, passed away shortly thereafter. This made it an even more cherished memory.

Capturing Moments

Engaging with the lens of Lauren and Mallory during their engagement session was pure joy for Jenn and Laki. As they approached their wedding day, excitement was tinged with anticipation, but time constraints led to moments of stress. Jenn wished for more time to capture candid shots after hair and makeup, regretting not having more “getting ready” photos with her bridesmaids. Lesson learned: the little details matter, so plan and communicate your desires to ensure every moment is captured beautifully.

An Emotional Journey Down the Aisle

Jenn and Laki opted to spend the night before their wedding day together. Watching the sunrise together, they shared an intimate moment before the day’s events unfolded. The anticipation and excitement as they prepared to say “I do” were palpable. The nerves were accompanied by the joy of finally becoming husband and wife. This was truly an unforgettable wedding journey.

From Dreamy Italy to Enchanting Greece

Following the heartfelt exchange of vows, the newlyweds embarked on an unforgettable honeymoon across Italy and Greece. Their love for each other was reflected in every destination they explored. From the enchanting streets of Milan and Lake Como to the cherished memories made in Florence, Naples, and Greece, their honeymoon was a fitting tribute to their Italian and Greek heritage.

Jenn and Laki’s journey from a boxing class to their breathtaking wedding day and beyond is a testament to the power of love, patience, and the unwavering support they share. As they embark on this new chapter as husband and wife, their story reminds us that love is not just about the destination. It is the beautiful moments that weave together to create an unforgettable wedding journey.

So, to all the couples preparing to embark on this journey, remember Jenn and Laki’s sage advice: plan, communicate, and immerse yourself in every moment, from the first encounter to the final dance. Your love story deserves to be captured in its full glory, etched forever in the frames of time.

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Westin Chicago Lauren Ashley Studios

It would be an honor to become a part of your wedding team, and create that timeless keepsake of your big day you’ll love forever. Myself and my team of Chicago wedding photographers at videographers at Lauren Ashley Studios will go above and beyond to capture the atmosphere of your special occasion, and share it with passion and authenticity.

We welcome you to browse our portfolio of wedding photographyvideography and if you would like any information about our investments please click here. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago, or beyond, and you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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