Elegant Wedding at Drury Lane

Elegant Wedding at Drury Lane

September 7, 2022


Elegant Wedding at Drury Lane

These two lovebirds put together a stunningly sophisticated celebration filled with love and happiness. Any good wedding planner will tell you that deciding on your photographer should be one of your priorities when initially planning your big day. It comes straight after booking a wedding venue, and insuring that shiny new rock of yours! But it’s unusual that a couple would already know who’s going to capture their big day before they’re even engaged! Not for Amalia and Mark! We were so surprised, and touched when we heard that our bride, Amalia, was already following us on Instagram well before she even knew she was getting married. No pressure! But seriously, it was so nice to hear, and we love knowing how special having us as her photographer was for her. It was an honor to capture their elegant wedding at Drury Lane.

The wedding of Amalia and Mark was such a joyous affair. A gorgeous celebration, wherever you looked.. Their loved ones were so relaxed, and happy within the beautiful environment that had been created for them.

Today, we would like to share the pictures of their wedding at Drury Lane, as well as the story of Amalia and Mark, in the hope that we may inspire your celebration!

Getting Engaged

Elegant Wedding at Drury Lane

After initially meeting on a dating app, Amalia and Mark began dating, and did so for many months. They could both feel that this was something serious, and soon, thoughts of engagement filled Mark’s mind. It wasn’t long before he acted on those thoughts! Here’s how Amalia describes her engagement;

He told me we were going to dinner with his friends, so I got dressed up for the evening. On the way to the restaurant, Mark asked if I wanted to grab a drink before dinner at The Drake. He proposed (in the freezing cold) under the gazebo of the hotel, and had arranged for both of our families to be inside, waiting to surprise me with a big dinner all together to celebrate!

The One

Elegant Wedding at Drury Lane

Amalia found ‘the one’ at Bri’Zan, a wonderful boutique down in Naperville that we’ve always hearing lovely things about. She looked at lots and lots of dresses during her time there, but nothing felt right. Eventually she walked out in her gown. Amalia’s Mom and sister both said it was her ‘happy dress’. She glowed in that gown, and it reflected how she felt about Mark. “My entire relationship with my fiancé could be summed up as, happy. The happiest I’ve ever been, how I feel when I would see him, how I felt sitting next to him. I was constantly happy. And that’s what I wanted my dress to say, on what is now the happiest day of my life.“, shared Amalia.

Reception Details

Elegant Wedding at Drury Lane

The ballrooms at Drury Lane are stunning, some of the finest we’ve seen in a wedding venue. Effortlessly elegant and indulgent. So for Amalia and Mark, all they had to do was gift the room a little of their personality and love. For the two of them, it was important for their guests to feel excited, and happy as they entered the room. And boy did they achieve that!

The space was filled with flowers, that adorned the reception tables, threatening to spill over onto the floor. From the ceiling hung more flowers, cherry blossoms, which matched the centrepieces – cherry blossom trees! With the biggest being at the head table. That 10 foot tree created quite a statement, and when paired with the bright lights decorating the room, guaranteed everyone was smiling as they entered the celebration space. Amalia said it was a little over the top, but we thought it fit the vibe perfectly.

Wedding Tips

Elegant Wedding at Drury Lane

Our bride is a self-confessed control freak (honestly, her words), but she knew when it came to the wedding photography, it was best to let us take control. She found that as soon as she did, she and Mark were so much more relaxed and enjoyed the whole process. The pictures looked phenomenal, and it’s because our couple trusted us. Find a photographer you can trust. #1 Top tip!

We’ll leave the other tip to Amalia, as she puts it better than we ever could. “Try try try to enjoy it. It’s stressful. It’s expensive. But it’s one day. In this day and age there are so many terrible things in the world. So, I just kept telling myself, ‘I’d rather be planning a wedding than planning a funeral’ It’s all in the name of love!“.

Honeymoon Time

They are! These two are visiting Italy for a 2-week road trip around the country. Starting in Rome, they’ll do some exploring, before moving on to Florence, and then up to Tuscany. Amalia has never visited Italy before, so it’s going to be a special trip for so many reasons.

We Would Love to be Your Chicago Wedding Photographer

Elegant Wedding at Drury Lane

It would be an honor to become a part of your Chicago wedding team, and create that timeless keepsake of your big day you’ll love forever. Myself and my team of Chicago wedding photographers at videographers at Lauren Ashley Studios will go above and beyond to capture the atmosphere of your special occasion, and share it with passion and authenticity.

We welcome you to browse our portfolio of wedding photography, videography and if you would like any information about our investments please click here. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago, or beyond, and you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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