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Rustic Kilbuck creek wedding Lauren ashley studios scaled

We need love more than EVER in these times of uncertainty. Weddings for me bring out those feelings over and over again. To be able to experience love as my job is a blessing and I’m so thankful to be able to work with such amazing couples that remind me exactly why I love my […]

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Backyard Lake house wedding Lauren Ashley Studios Wedding scaled

A close, personal and intimate wedding with your loved ones is always a beautiful moment to always remember and look back on. Cindy and Billy are the perfect couple to showcase their love during times like these.

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LAGM scaled

When you know you know! Megan and Kyle Met through mutual friends and on the first she knew he was different. “ Kyle is extremely thoughtful, sweet, and close to his family. I just always had a ‘feeling’ about him “ Megan said and after five months of dating she could recall letting her friends […]

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Lauren Ashley Studios scaled

Hello! How is everyone?! Welcome back to another stunning wedding day we got to capture for our beautiful couple, Cecilia and Cooper! As of now, I’m in Colorado shooting a beautiful wedding that I can’t wait to share with you! In the meantime enjoy this amazing newly wedded couple! Wedding Cake – Firecakes Florist – […]

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Grand River Center Lauren Ashley Studios Wedding scaled

Chicago is a great place to have a wedding! There are endless food and endless places to stop by which makes a perfect town full of many opportunities! Today’s wedding though happens to take place in the beautiful state of Iowa!!! We had a nice cloudy and windy day for the perfect time to celebrate […]

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Capri Ristorante Italiano Lauren Ashley Studios Wedding scaled

Got your heart stolen? Steal his last name! Its fair game! This beautiful day felt so warm and inviting! Of course it was filled with gorgeous flowers and donuts but my favorite part had to have been capturing moments with the parents and close friends. It was amazing but capturing their love For each other […]

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Lauren Ashley Studio Station Backyard Wedding scaled

Wedding recap alert! Who’s ready? I couldn’t wait to show off Dom and Kari for a while now so here it is! As you scroll down memory lane it can cultivate some emotions of love with close friends and beloved family… Oh, what a beautiful day. This is why I love what I do because […]

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Lauren Ashley Studio Francescas and blackberry farm Chicago Wedding scaled

Covid can’t stop two people from wanting to be together forever no matter what those two have to do to have a safe wedding.  Sam and Michael had their closest family and friends there with them to celebrate the special day during these times. The most important things to capture where  Their family’s love for […]