Lauren Ashley Studio Station Backyard Wedding scaled

Dom and Kari | Backyard wedding | Station 343

February 25, 2021


Wedding recap alert! Who’s ready? I couldn’t wait to show off Dom and Kari for a while now so here it is! As you scroll down memory lane it can cultivate some emotions of love with close friends and beloved family… Oh, what a beautiful day. This is why I love what I do because of the intimate, fun, and unforgettable moments that each couple entrusts us to be apart of and to capture. 3 things Karis loves about her new hubby is his drive in life, his affectionate way with her, and how he is always so silly and making her laugh. 

We started off with Kari getting ready with her mom and exchanging a Heartfelt letter then we moved to a  Heartfelt gift for Karis’ father that brought him to tears. 

Then we had Dom get ready with his boys and have a good old time for the camera! 

The beautiful ceremony took place at Karis’ parents’ house! Back yard weddings have become the new normal with these covid times and we love it!

After the ceremony was over and the pictures were taken we moved the party to Station 343