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Wedding Tips – Choosing a Professional Wedding Photographer

October 22, 2019




Weddings are always emotional for me, no matter how many I photograph. I love serving every couple, creating an experience just for them.

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So, you have the perfect person, a ring you love, a date picked out and now you’re choosing your wedding vendors. You know you want a photographer whose images move you, and you can’t wait to splash pictures of your big day across your social media pages and hang them on your walls. You have a friend of a friend who takes pictures, you know another guy from work who hired his second cousin, and you saw their stuff on Facebook, and it looked pretty good, and you’re wondering what you’re really going to get for your wedding photography budget. So far, that’s all true, right?

Now, let me tell you what you really want: A Professional Wedding Photographer.

Let’s be honest; anyone can take a picture. But here’s the deal: you don’t want pictures. You want moments created and captured. You want effortless posing to maximize lighting which looks stunning as a wrapped canvas on your living room wall. You want laughter and joy caught in the fleeting moments of getting ready. You want first looks and stolen tears and the final dip of the first dance which looks triumphant and brilliant as the crowd looks on.

This is what the team at Lauren Ashley does because we don’t just take pictures, we are professional wedding photographers. We know the dress is being prepped and we dash outside to grab your Mom, so she doesn’t miss that special moment, and we then capture it. We look for the roadblocks, and we’re there to direct traffic around them. We are known for having all manner of sewing kits, spare florists’ pins, Tide pens: whatever might come in handy to save the day when someone busts a button, gets lipstick on their dress or breaks a flower in their bouquet. We look for impending disaster, we anticipate problems, and we move quietly and quickly to prevent issues which will upset our couple or put a damper on their day while helping to create the moments that matter, and then we photograph them.

At Lauren Ashley Studios, we’ve heard your dream for your day, and we work to adhere to the timeline of the day by making sure all the other moving pieces are connecting: the florist, the drivers, the suit rentals, the DJ, and the caterer. We keep one eye on the bridal party and one eye on the moving sun looking for that perfect amount of sun spray to set off the veil and the tendril curls of your down do for the day. Then we pose you, in the loving arms of your spouse, calmly talking you through how to connect and we close the shutter at just the right moment of bliss: that’s a photograph, not just the click of a shutter.

Anyone can take a picture, but a Professional Wedding Photographer will work incredibly hard, applying their many years of experience and training, to keep all the plates spinning and all the people happy. Wedding Photographers see all the moving pieces of the day, how they can affect each other, and ultimately, how they can impact the moments we’re capturing.  

We’re more than just people who take photos, we’re professionals who swiftly move crowds of family through portraits, so they aren’t waiting around, we anticipate the moments of laughter and tears, and we photograph them. Ultimately, we are wedding planners, disaster avoiders, seamstresses, or part-time florists because we know that everything that goes into your day shows up in your wedding portraits. You want great wedding pictures, and what you need is a professional wedding photographer, and you’re in luck because we are a team of those ready to capture your day!

bride groom the well distillery creative wedding photography
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