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Emotional Wedding at the Meyer Ballroom

April 19, 2022


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Jess and Joe were could not wait another minute to get married. This young couple was so  excited to finally share their vows with each other in front of their family and friends. Their wedding was filled with happy tears as all the attendees watched these two profess their love for one another. Read about their emotional wedding at the Meyer Ballroom and how this couple finally tied the knot!

How it Started

Their story starts very casually. Jess and Joe both attended WIU and were fortunate enough to live, not only in the same, dorm, but on the exact same floor during their sophomore year of college. While we all know these two were destined for more, Jess and Joe started their relationship as friends. After a few months together as merely friends and floor mates, Jess and Joe also came to realize that their relationship could be more and finally started dating!

The Proposal

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Joe bought the most beautiful ring for Jess on Black Friday knowing that it was exactly what she would want. Sadly, the ring was not in her size and Joes had to spend several days anxiously awaiting for the ring to be in stock. When Joe finally received the phone call he was breathlessly anticipating, he could not wait to run out to the store. This was the day he was waiting for! Once the ring was in his hands, he could not wait a minute longer to ask Jess to be his wife. He drove straight to her house and, without hesitation, popped the big question!

The Perfect Dress

It is not uncommon for a Bride to have a vision of what she would like to wear on her wedding day. Jess was no different. She knew that she wanted a strapless dress. It had to be something elegant with lace, but that would sparkle like a princess. Jess’s dreams came true at Crystal Bride in Geneva, IL. This was the perfect dress! It had every design element that she wanted for her wedding dress!

A Blistery Day

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Jess and Joe got married on a very cold and windy day in March. Despite the chilly weather, the couple insisted on having their first look outside in beautiful Downtown Aurora. The sun may have been shining but nothing compared to the smile on Joe’s face as he saw his Bride for the first time. The love and excitement between these two could be felt by all of us. These two braved the cold as we hurried around the downtown area to get photos on their wedding day!

An Emotional Wedding

I am sure you have heard people say, “I always cry at weddings.”, well everyone cried at this wedding at the Meyer Ballroom. The bride and groom wiped away tears as they shared the sweetest promises with each other. As we looked around the room, parents, guests, and yes, even my team, welled up with emotion during this ceremony. There was not a dry eye in the room. By the end of the ceremony, we had all been on a rollercoaster of emotions as we laughed and cried with the Bride and Groom.

Something Different

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Traditionally, the parents and bridal party are announced at the receptions followed by the guests of honor.  Jess and Joe chose to do things a little different during their wedding at the Meyer Ballroom. They wanted to do something to show how important these individuals are to them. Instead of coming in last, Jess and Joes came in first and grabbed the microphone. As each couple was introduced, Jess and Joes shared a story or words of affection for each person This was a very special touch to acknowledging the people closest to them.

Words From the Bride and Groom

Not everything will go as you planned, but don’t sweat it! The less pressure you put on everything going perfectly, the more you will be to relax and enjoy the day! It’s not about making sure that every single detail is seamless, it’s about the end of the day when you get to call that very important person your Husband or your Wife! Things are going to go awry but don’t let it take away from your day!


Venue – Meyer Ballroom

DJ – Show on the Road DJ

Cake – Nothing Bundt Cake

Florist – Garvin Gardens

Bridal Salon – The Crystal Bride

Tuxedos – Gentlemen’s Quarters Formalwear

Hair Stylist – Idohairbykmay

Makeup Artist – Lauren Murphy

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