Wedding Videography by Lauren Ashley Studios

Wedding Video allows us to tell your love story in a uniquely captivating way. 

Our Video services compliment your photography package through the addition of FULL MOTION action sequences superimposed with high-quality audio, artfully crafted and stitched together to create an absolutely epic capture of the emotion & events surrounding your wedding day.

Lauren Ashley Studios offers the following videography services:

Multi-camera coverage

Multi-videographer coverage

Aerial (drone) footage (Indoor & Outdoor)

Wedding highlight reel or complete documentary

 cinematography | Editing | Production

Wedding Short Films


The Highlight Reel

Filmmaking, storytelling, photojournalism, and directing. Lauren Ashley Studios cinema crew members carry the fundamentals of each of these skillsets into your wedding. Our teams typically spend around 600 minutes capturing the events at your wedding. Our creative filmmakers turn every minute into a brushstroke on canvas that when all is said and done becomes a painted masterpiece that is your wedding story. Using the sights, sounds, and beautiful words spoken during your day we craft together an immersive film that doesn't seek to capture every single detail. But instead, in the same way that a master chef seeks to concentrate essential flavors through the process of reduction, our creatives seek to distill the very essence and emotion of your precious day into an entertaining, beautiful, and concentrated format. Something that you're going to want to watch on repeat, again and again, throughout your entire lives. The creation of this type of film allows for an epic window into the past; one where you, your family, ultimately your children, and many generations to come will get to relive your big day over and over again, in perpetuum.