Beautiful Wedding at Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook

A Beautiful Wedding at the Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook

October 4, 2022


A Family Celebration

Beautiful Wedding at Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook

A wedding is more than just a union of two people. It is the coming together of two families, and two sets of friends. A unification that goes far beyond the vows spoken on the day. Our team felt this no more so than at the wedding of Layla and Ramzi. A pair of lovebirds who wanted their wedding at the Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook in Chicago, to be about so much more than just them.

Today, we’re delighted to be sharing the images from Layla and Ramzi’s wedding day, and a few details from the happy couple.

Meant To Be

Beautiful Wedding at Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook

Layla Mina Jada and Ramzi Isa Riadi met over a year ago via Instagram. Their path to nuptials may not have been the longest, but they didn’t need a lot of time to know they had something special. It wasn’t long into their relationship before Ramzi began to arrange his big proposal moment. He could not wait to start the rest of their lives together!

The proposal took place at the iconic London House, out on the cupola. A stunning, intimate place to propose, and one that certainly wow’d Layla!

Timeless Perfection

Beautiful Wedding at Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook

Our couple wanted a classic, timeless theme for their big day. This style was echoed within their décor and Layla’s wedding dress. She found her perfect gown at Eva’s Bridal in Orland Park. It was a billowing ballgown decorated in scattered appliqués, an ideal fairytale dress for this occasion.

But style, and theme aside. The focus of Layla and Ramzi’s wedding was very much about their loved ones. Whenever possible, they would take a moment to be with them, and celebrate. There was a party in-between every party. Intimate moments shared before and after each occasion. The two of them really enjoyed just being in the moment, with those around them.


Beautiful Wedding at Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook

Following the couples’ ceremony at St. Mary Orthodox Church in Palos Heights, the wedding party made their way over to the wedding reception venue, but not before we took the newly-weds aside, and captured some gorgeous portraits of them outside. Layla’s bridal gown looked so incredible, and the pair of them were obviously so overjoyed with the occasion.

Portraits completed, wedding guests began to make their way into the Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook, and the beautiful reception room. A space that was filled with flowers, twinkling lights and touches of opulence. It was the perfect setting for their celebration, and served as the ideal stage for the union of their two proud families. We loved being part of this celebration sharing in their love and culture. It was a truly magical day and one that would be hard to forget.

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