Lauren Ashey Studios Haight Elgin wedding scaled

The Haight -Elgin IL| Kelly and Kevin Rustic Wedding

November 14, 2020


Congratulations to Kelly and Kevin on their beautiful wedding!

We had such an amazing day at The Haight in downtown Elgin, IL making memories and moments to make us smile continuously.

We captured the fun candid moments of Kelly and Kevin, and their love for their family because family is the most important thing to them!

Our beautiful bride Kelly getting ready for the big day! As she is looking out the window with butterflies in her stomach she carefully puts on her jewelry.

The beautiful make was done at City Lights Makeup Artistry by Paula Heckenast

The volumes curls was done at Lucid Salon in Elgin by Heather

The first look was filled with emotions. Kevin couldn’t keep his eyes off his one true love! ❤️

As many of us do, These two met through a former mutual friend. One night Kelly was working late and a mutual friend had asked her to go out with her to meet up with some of her friends. As you can see Kelly definitely went because that night she met her Fiancé!😉

We couldn’t resist peeking through the vail to see what these two were doing!

Of course we had to have The first family photo and of many to come!

We visited the Fabyan Forest preserve for some lovely moments!

These shots are one of my favorite! These two are precious to one another.

Kellys brides maids and Kevins groomsmen Celebrating love, Joy, And forever happiness for their dear friends, Kelly and Kevin.

As our brides father and mother walk their beautiful daughter down to the aisle, Kellys dad hugs Kevin in a heartfelt approval to take his daughter to be his wife.

Three things Kelly loves about her partner is His sense of humor with his willingness to do just about anything spontaneously & he usually smells pretty freaking good!!!

We now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Murphy! You may now kiss the bride!

Kevins Groomsmen congratulating him with a big hug and with a formation 😉

Now this is where the fun begins! We get to dance with relief through out the night! The Haight is one stunning venue with a warm experience!

After the first dances where over it was time for the dear friends and family that are closest to them to have a good time celebrating the Newly weds future together!

The big send off!!

Friends and family gather in a line side by side by the newly weds with sprinklers sending off the bride and groom to their forever together!

We want to thank the bride and groom for a special event that was so stunning to capture! We thank the family and friends for being to warm and loving to us!

Hope you enjoyed living this special day through pictures!