Beautiful Wedding at Intercontinental Chicago

Stunning Wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel Chicago

August 30, 2022


Discover more about these two best friends that tied the knot in a stunning wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel Chicago.

Beautiful Wedding at Intercontinental Chicago

Very few good things came out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tiger King, that was pretty good. Zoom, don’t know where we’d be without that now. And… there’s not much else! But while we were all binging on box sets, and playing online drinking games with our friends, Meghan and Keenan were falling in love. Yes, today’s couple actually met during Covid! And now, 2 years and 3 months later, we’re sharing the photography from their wedding at the Intercontinental Hotel Chicago Magnificent Mile!

Meghan and Keenan had put together an endlessly sophisticated celebration, that felt as loving as it did chic. Our couple was inseparable on the day. From the moment they locked eyes down the aisle, they never left each other’s side. So sweet. Not only that, but you could feel the adoration they have for their friends and family too.

Sunrise Proposal

As we mentioned, Meghan and Keenan met online via Hinge during the pandemic. Together, they navigated the various regulations while getting to know each other. Eventually, as normality began to resume, they realized they were very much in love.

Our bride and groom are both keen athletes, and at the time of their proposal were actually training for an Iron Man together. It was during their morning bike ride along the lakefront in Chicago that Keenan stopped to take in the view and take a picture of the sunrise. This was not unusual. Suddenly, her routine bike ride became very out of the ordinary, as kneeling before her was Keenan, ring in hand, asking her to marry him. She, of course, said yes, and together they completed their early morning cycle, both with a giant smile on their faces!

Private Vows

As wedding photographers, we love it when our Chicago couples have a first look moment. It creates such a sweet shot, while also allowing the soon-to-be-newly-weds a little bit of semi-private time together. So when Meghan and Keenan said they wanted to do private vows, before the ceremony, we were so excited!

They didn’t want to see each other before meeting on the aisle but we arranged for them to stand back-to-back, with a door in-between them, holding hands. Taking it in turns, they shared their private vows with each other in what was a really intimate scene. Meghan and Keenan simply soaked up each other’s company, and embraced every single second they had alone with each other. We love the shots we took of them and witnessing their undeniable love.

Easy Choice

For some brides, it can take many attempts to find their dream dress, and for others it’s the first one they try. For Meghan, it was lucky number 5. She found her stunning gown at Here Comes the Bride, a boutique that so many of our brides have fallen for.

It was while in the dressing room of this store that Meghan realized she’d found ‘the one’, not even needing to come out and share the dress with the group. But they knew. They knew as soon as they heard ‘oh my gosh’ that she’d struck gold! Meghan’s chosen wedding dress was a gorgeous Elysee style that hugged her silhouette, and really gave her that wow moment every time she walked into the room.

At First Site

Beautiful Wedding at Intercontinental Chicago

Following their private vows, Meghan and Keenan were desperate to finally see each other. And as our bride glided down the aisle, you could see the fizzing emotion between them. “Seeing her come down the aisle, like the most beautiful queen in the entire world, was easily one of my top moments. Even though I felt like I forgot how to breathe until I got to hold her hands“, shared Keenan. That raw emotion was plain for all to see, and we’re so pleased we were able to capture it on camera for them.

Rooftop View

Beautiful Wedding at Intercontinental Chicago

Following their sweet nuptials, Meghan and Keenan gathered their loved ones and set about celebrating their vows! At the Intercontinental Hotel Chicago Magnificent Mile we were blessed with so many places to shoot our married couple. Our favorite spot had to be the roof though. Up there, the views are incredible, and our newlyweds loved every moment of their intimate shoot together.

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