Couple Ties the Knot at the Jacob Henry Mansion Wedding Venue

November 18, 2021


Read our couples’ love story and how they nearly didn’t have music on their day at Jacob Henry Mansions wedding.

One of the best parts about my job is being able to meet couples and hear love stories. However mundane they think their journey is, it’s still a journey. That path to the altar is just so exciting. It was thrilling to meet Sarah and Caleb because they were just so open to sharing their stories with me. From grad party crashing to a romantic proposal, and finally, their wedding day plans at the Jacob Henry Mansion. It was a beautiful and super sweet occasion that I have the pleasure of sharing with you today.

The Real Wedding of Sarah & Caleb at Jacob Henry Mansion

Caleb Crashes the Party, in the Best Way

Over two and a half years before their wedding, Sarah was celebrating her graduation with family and friends. One such friend was Cory, and he had brought along Caleb, who was home on leave from the Air Force. Caleb decided not to be a wallflower, and instead made friends with everyone he met. In particular, Sarah, who he bonded with instantly. Soon they were swapping travel stories and sharing their love of music, especially their bonding over their faith.

Later Sarah and a group of friends, with Caleb traveled to New Jersey to go to a festival. Sarah and Caleb’s relationship grew and while jumping to Sum 41, they both knew that something special was between them. Little did they know they’d one day be dancing together on their wedding day at Jacob Henry Mansion!

Long-Distance Love & an Island Proposal

Unfortunately for these two, Caleb’s leave came to an end, and he was forced to return to the Air Force. Despite this and being states apart, Sarah and Caleb continued their romance, and remained in constant contact via video and phone calls.

Over the course of two years, the pair became inseparable, and thoughts of marriage were soon filling both their minds. And this came to a head when during a much-needed long weekend vacation on Mackinac Island, Caleb made his move.

Sarah was a lifelong fan of the movie ‘Somewhere in Time’. Knowing this, Caleb arranged for them to have a romantic dinner at the grand hotel. Before the meal, the couple went out onto the front porch of the hotel. Suddenly, Caleb looked into Sarah’s eyes and began to kneel. He proposed there and then, declaring his love for her. She was instantly overwhelmed with joy, knowing that they could finally begin a life together without distance.

A Chic, Timeless Wedding at the Jacob Henry Mansion

Before visiting any bridal stores, Sarah had always envisioned her big day look to be boho. Floaty fabrics, bell sleeves and flowers in her hair. Her first bridal shopping trip she was shown a gown that was anything but boho. The stylist from David’s Bridal showed a gorgeous mermaid gown dress and she fell inlove! It was ‘the one’ as soon as she slipped it on!

Sarah’s gown may not have been the boho, but she knew that her venue will reflect her vintage taste. This is why the couple fell so hard for the Jacob Henry Mansion wedding venue. And as a Chicago wedding photographer, I’m so glad they chose it because it looks incredible on camera! A stunning venue with historic elegance, and a timeless look that offers couples a unique venue to host a wedding.

Not only is the Mansion vintage, Sarah also worker on the wedding day decoration, sprinkling vintage charm throughout the reception. Thrifting frames and mirrors, our bride created a variety of custom signs to be spread around the venue. This allowed Sarah to really put a personal touch on their day!

A Seamless Celebration, Despite the DJ MIA

Susan, the owner of Jacob Henry Mansion took Sarah and Caleb under her wing during the wedding planning process, and really guided them through what can be a stressful time. By all accounts, she was incredible, and ensured that their overall experience was extra special.

But sometimes even heroes like Susan can’t foresee the last-minute issues that can arise on a wedding day. And Sarah and Caleb experienced a big one. For on the night prior to their wedding day, their DJ canceled on them. A bitter, anxiety inducing blow that these two music-lovers could have really done without. They battled through the hiccups, and at the end, nothing could ruin their magical wedding day at Jacob Henry Mansion.

“You can’t always anticipate everything that could go wrong at your wedding, so make sure to enjoy every moment”, – Sarah. As their Chicago wedding photographer, I had a fun time on their day, and it was a privilege to capture their story.

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