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The Intimate, Snowy Wedding at Prestwick Country Club

February 25, 2022


The Intimate, Snowy Wedding at Prestwick Country Club

This special couple finally tied the knot after a decade of being together, and multiple proposals. Discover how these two celebrated their intimate snowy wedding at the Prestwick Country Club venue, all covered in snow.

 The beautiful wedding of Jen and Kurt at was a true celebration of their ten years as a partnership. (And a massive achievement for Kurt, who had proposed to Jen in so many sweet ways during their time together, without success!) After a trip to the jewelry store as a couple, they finally sealed their engagement. Today, we’ll explore their snowy wedding at Prestwick Country Club, and share some invaluable advice from our now married couple.

A Smooth Wedding Experience at Prestwick Country Club, with Only a Few Hiccups

Planning a wedding is never a completely obstacle-free process, especially when it’s taking place during a pandemic. Unfortunately for Jen and Kurt, they had to postpone their wedding twice due to Covid-19. But as a couple, they battled on, and managed to sail through this tough time, while also navigating a few hiccups with the venue along the way. When all was said and done, they managed to pull off a wonderful wedding, full of fun and love, surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

Jen’s Dress was Classic, Elegant & Timeless

Many of our brides have found their dream dress at Bella Sposa in Tinley Park, and Jen was no differernt. She adored her experience there and loved how much Jamie Ruggio, the owner, went above and beyond. It was the 10th dress that she tried on in-store, but when she put it on, she knew it was ‘the one’. A classic, elegant, and timeless wedding dress – the perfect complement to the backdrop of Prestwick Country Club. There was no doubt she was going to get married in this gown. The bridal picking crew, mom, sister, sister-in-law, and two best friends loved it too!

An Intimate & Exciting First Look 

As a wedding photographer, I adore it when my Chicago couples decide to do a first look. They offer such sweet, and memorable moments, not to mention a fantastic time for the couple to spend a few valuable minutes together before all the madness begins! I suggested doing one to Jen, way before their Prestwick Country Club wedding, and after a little cajoling, she was up for it! Kurt was happy to do it too, and together, they had zero regrets. “It was wonderful to have our special time, just the two of us. A great way to be intimate and excited together, and also leave us open to enjoying every moment of the guest arrival and the ceremony.”, shared Jen.

Fun Portraits in the Snow

Depending on how you look at it, snow on your wedding day can either be a blessing or a curse! For us, as photographers, this dramatic change in weather can create the most stunning backdrop for a wedding, especially portraits. We utilized the beautiful outside space at Prestwick Country Club as much as possible when shooting Jen and Kurt’s wedding portraits. Creating some really fun shots of those two, gallivanting around in the snow was so much fun!

Wise Words from Our Bride

During the wedding planning process, we discovered just how super organized Jen was. She and Kurt could not be fazed by anything that happened along the way because they were always prepared for every eventuality. You may not feel like you’re able to be as put-together as Jen, but maybe her wise words will inspire you. Here’s how she planned her perfect wedding day at Prestwick Country Club.

I’m very organized and kept a spreadsheet of all the vendor contact information. As well as purchases, from where, and for how much. As things were purchased, I put them in one room of the house, so that all the wedding related purchases were all together. Two weeks before the wedding, my best friend Becky came over, and we went through each step of the day. I labeled each of the items with post-it notes and included instructions for the venue, and neatly boxed everything together. I did the same for the reception. This helped me realize what I was missing, and what I needed to make last-minute purchases of, like Mr. & Mrs. champagne flutes. And it helped me feel confident that the venue knew exactly what I wanted. I followed up with the venue after organizing all of my items, to ask last-minute questions and clarify details. Not only did this help the venue, but Becky became my go-to person for the venue because she knew exactly what I had in mind and could help execute the vision.


Wedding Cake – Creative Cakes

Florist – Homewood Florist

Bridal Boutique – Bella Sposa

Makeup Artist – Alicia Lange

Hair Stylist – Cheryl Balich

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