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Golf Themed Wedding – A Hole in One Celebration

December 15, 2022




Weddings are always emotional for me, no matter how many I photograph. I love serving every couple, creating an experience just for them.

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These two passionate golfers made sure to celebrate the things they love the most on their big day! Couples often worry too much about what their guests want from their wedding, rather than focusing on what’ll make them truly happy on their big day. This cannot be said of our newly-weds Taylor and Brad. These two lovebirds threw a wedding inspired by their unique personalities, and themed around the real things that make them tick. This golf themed wedding was one for the books. It was a genuine, fun celebration that clicked with everyone present. Even those who didn’t know their birdie from their bogey could still embrace this special occasion.

We were honored to be invited along to Taylor and Brad’s golf themed wedding as their photographers. Boy did we have a blast! Today, we’re so pleased to be sharing their wedding photography, along with a few details about the big day from the couple themselves.

Where It Started

Lauren Ashley Studios Galena Wedding

Brad and I have been together for 6 and a half years! We met when I was hired to be an intern for the Illinois Junior Golf Association. Brad was the Youth Development Program Director there, and we worked together for two years, running junior golf tournaments across the state of Illinois. We have been inseparable ever since.

Sentimental Proposal

Lauren Ashley Studios Galena Wedding

Brad and I don’t get many mornings off. But when we do, one of our favorite things is to sleep in, and just be at home together. Our busy schedules rarely match up, but one Father’s Day we both happened to have the day off. Brad knew we would be with our parents that afternoon, so he thought he’d surprise me beforehand.

Since the early days of being together, we’ve had a stuffed teddy bear that we’re both very attached to. As corny as it sounds, it means a lot to us! That little bear has traveled on multiple trips, attended golf events, and so much more. As this bear is so important to us, Brad thought why not involve it in our engagement! So, he stuffed the ring on the bear to pop the question. Of course, I said yes! And we then spent the rest of the morning calling our friends and family.

The “One”

We just click. We get each other’s schedules and understand one another’s goals. Our support and motivation for each other is infinite. We both like to laugh and joke around, but at the end of the day, we know we’re always there for each other. Loving the game of golf and both being very good at it is also a big plus!

The Dress

Lauren Ashley Studios Galena Wedding

I found my wedding dress at David’s Bridal a few days after getting engaged. I started crying when I put it on, and kept going back to it during my search. My mom was with me, and she kept saying ‘that is the one, it fits you, it’s what you’ve been looking for’. And she was right! It was the perfect dress for our golf themed wedding!

We added a tulle skirt for the reception, just to give it a little flare and really elevate the style. My second dress was also from David’s Bridal, and that had lots of feathers. It was a fun outfit to change into and dance all night long in!

Unique Start

Lauren Ashley Studios Galena Wedding

We decided to do something a little against tradition. Not only did we see each other before the wedding, but we actually got ready together! It was so fun to help him do his hair, while he helped me with my shoes and parts of the dress. I would do it all over again just like that. It made it really special to prepare for the day as one. I wouldn’t trade those moments for the world.

Wedding Day Nerves

I was nervous about the weather, as it kept calling for rain. We kept our eyes on the forecast for weeks and days leading up to the wedding. We had back up plans, but it was tough to say what we might need to move inside, as we’d planned to have everything outside. Fortunately, everything went as planned. We got to enjoy the sunny patio with its grass turf runner, and golf balls bouncing around everywhere. WE were surrounded by the laughter/happy tears of our loved ones. It was truly a beautiful sight walking down the aisle.

Wedding Inspiration?

Lauren Ashley Studios Galena Wedding

It was a golf themed wedding! Brad and I wanted to incorporate our lives, and day to day joys into our wedding day. During the ceremony, we had the ring bearers wear caddie jumpsuits, while the flower girls threw golf balls!

We wanted to celebrate the special group of people who’ve been with us for so long, and cherish having this special day with them. Most of the people present, had been a part of golf in some way or another in our lives. So the golf theme was a ‘hole in one’ for so many of our wedding guests!

Picture Perfect

Lauren and Mallory came to our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding, to capture some precious moments with our families. During the dinner, we snuck away onto the streets of downtown Galena, and took some shots together. And my oh my, the preview we saw of these pictures left us speechless!

On our wedding day, Lauren and Mallory captured the fun, tears, laughs and so much more throughout the day. They truly are the dream team and I couldn’t be more excited to see how everything turns out. Their ever present support did not go unnoticed. Even when I threw a total curveball at them and said, “hey, let’s go take some golf swings in the dark”, they were all for it! We are so lucky they chose to be a part of our wedding! Thank you again for your amazing work!

Vendor Shout-Outs

Flowers – HandPickd in Dubuque Iowa. Hillary and Mari were great to work with. They saw the vision I had, and created a simple, elegant design.

Band – The Walk In’s. Joe and his crew really kept the excitement alive and wanted everyone on the dance floor. He went around, table to table greeting people and sung with all the kids. It truly made the night memorable.


Lauren Ashley Studios Galena Wedding

Take your time! Don’t rush when planning your wedding. Find a venue you both love, pick the food you both want to eat. Do things that feel like you as a couple, not what a traditional wedding ‘should be’. Fill your wedding with more of what you want, and you’ll make the whole event even more memorable.


We took a mini moon to Wisconsin to play some golf. We played Pine Hills, Whistling Straights and Erin Hills. I am currently up 3 rounds on Brad, as I beat him in all the rounds! We’re so lucky to share the same passion for golf, the bond it has created in us is just so amazing. It was the perfect escape after the perfect wedding.

We Would Love to be Your Wedding Photographer

Lauren Ashley Studios Galena Wedding

It would be an honor to become a part of your wedding team, and create that timeless keepsake of your big day you’ll love forever. Myself and my team of wedding photographers at videographers at Lauren Ashley Studios will go above and beyond to capture the atmosphere of your special occasion, and share it with passion and authenticity.

We welcome you to browse our portfolio of wedding photography, videography and if you would like any information about our investments please click here. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago, or beyond, and you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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