Covid backyard bbq casual small wedding favorites

Backyard DIY Wedding| Lauren & Adam

July 17, 2020




Weddings are always emotional for me, no matter how many I photograph. I love serving every couple, creating an experience just for them.

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Covid backyard bbq casual small wedding favorites

Imagine, you take a year, maybe two years, to plan the perfect day for you and your best friend. The venue’s picked, the dates’ set, and then, a global pandemic comes and crushes your dreams.

It happening to countless couples as the COVID-19 crisis caused the entire wedding industry to virtually close, event spaces to shut their doors and religious venues to go virtual or shutter completely.

One couple, Lauren (aka Deez Louise) & Adam were among this bunch. Their dream of having a 175 person wedding was gone, but no matter what they wanted to get married! “We’re not going to change the date”, Lauren said “We’re just going to just change the circumstances!”

They were disappointed, disheartened, but they didn’t like the thought of waiting another year to get married. “What else can we do?…. Let invite our closest friends and family and fix up our backyard!? We don’t want to depend on a venue in case everything shut down again. ”

“The day turned out better than expected, the morning of it was supposed to rain, there were so many nerves, and we didn’t have a plan b, but thankfully by the time we arrived for the ceremony it was sunny skies, and there wasn’t a drop in sight. Seeing everyone’s face elevated me to bliss and I couldn’t believe I was marrying the love of my life in those moments!”

Lauren & Adam were casual, relaxed, and fun, they were married under their backyard tree with under 20 people. The officiant that married them, is their best friend Scott Preuss and Adam was the officiant to his wedding to Monica.

They had also used the same hand-built white doors that Scott and Monica used on their big day, as well as a 1948 Desoto car brought by her father, to travel and take photos in! There were so many sentimental moments and components that made the day special.

“We were forced into a little wedding, but it was better than I expected, I loved the casual atmosphere where people could go swimming, relax, play games, and hang by the bonfire. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! “

So lovely, right? We just love how this wedding shows how some of the most simple and stress-free celebrations can still be amazing.

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