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Adoring DIY Iowa Wedding at Cooper’s Cove At Heritage Park

November 10, 2021


A serene field location with magnificent views, Cooper’s Cove is a predominant foreground to a picture-perfect wedding. Our lovely bride, Noel, Got ready at Hotel Pattee in Perry Iowa with the help of her loved ones. The bride & maids got ready in the morning in the Louis Armstrong suite. Hair and makeup were done at Powder Studio, Ames Iowa. Noel looks like a soft, classical beauty who looks magical as a bride! The first look took part at Hotel Pattee. Josh couldn’t take his eyes off his elegant bride! 

We were walking the trails in Dolliver on our first date. we reached the top of the hill and there was a clearing of the trees. the sun shined on her and she looked like an angel and I got weak in the knees (literally).” – Josh

God spoke to me in spirit…Josh was right where God said he was going to be…He has a heart after Chris! He is a funny, brilliant and caring father.” – Noel