wedding photography bloopers bridesmaids Ddrop the groom while the bride storms off

Wedding Photography Tips – The Importance of Backups

November 19, 2019


wedding photography bloopers bridesmaids Ddrop the groom while the bride storms off

From time to time, I see articles online, or someone shares one on social media, talking about “why is wedding photography so much more expensive.” Or, I’ve heard the infamous statement made by many a groom: “…all you have to do is put “wedding” in front of it and the price triples….”. That might seem true, but the reality is that this is *not* just any day in your life. If something goes wrong, or it starts to rain during an outdoor family session, we can reschedule.

With weddings: there are no do-overs.

The team at Lauren Ashley Studios knows that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, one which you have painstakingly planned. You’ve thought about every last detail from the lace on your dress to the Edison lights strung over your first dance at the reception. Shouldn’t your professional wedding photographer, and all of your vendors for that matter, be putting as much forethought and planning into capturing every last special moment of this day as you have?

We have the highest quality professional grade cameras; however, those cameras are also dual slotted. This means that we have purchased two full sets of memory cards which are then loaded into the camera two by two so that all the action we capture is recorded simultaneously on each card, creating a full back up of your day in real-time. In the early days of digital photography, cameras only had one slot, and if your card had a bad file or became corrupted, you could lose part of the wedding or the whole wedding. Taking advantage of dual recording reduces the risk of image loss because of card failure.

The back-ups don’t stop there! We also have secondary cameras, loaded with freshly charged batteries neatly packed away with clean back up lenses and flash heads. At any given time at a wedding, the talented creatives at Lauren Ashley, whether photographers, or videographers, have a full set of secondary equipment which is at the ready should any of their initial gear go down.

Once the party has ended, and you’re off to enjoy your honeymoon, our work has just begun.

The team at Lauren Ashley begins the process of offloading your images from the cards onto two editing stations, where one acts as a backup. Files are stored on one of the studio’s NAS storage servers equipped with redundant hard drive arrays, which is a fancy tech way of saying that the computer writes a backup for every file we create onto multiple drives Not to mention that all Lauren Ashley computers and servers are plugged into top-grade surge protectors and have battery backup, again, to avoid any issues.

Still, the fun doesn’t stop there! We have cloud backup in place on all systems, including the servers, for every video and photograph we create, especially the finished product. Every effort is made to ensure that our artwork, and your irreplaceable memories, are safely and securely stored for days, weeks, and months to come. Never again, will your Dad walk into a room and see you in your wedding dress for the first time, and we know how important that photograph is.

What the team at Lauren Ashley Studios creates for you are the moments and memories of the day for which there is no do-over. As a professional studio, we incur a lot of additional costs to provide these safeguards for our client’s work, because this isn’t just photography, its wedding photography, and we believe our work, these memories, are worth every penny needed to safeguard them.

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