Enchanting Wedding Morgan Manufacturing Chicago

An Enchanting Wedding at Morgan Manufacturing in Chicago

July 6, 2022


Enchanting Wedding Morgan Manufacturing Chicago

Back in May of 2022, we were lucky enough to be invited down to photograph the wedding of two sweethearts, Kristen and Joshua, at the epic Morgan Manufacturing in Chicago. Their enchanting wedding at Morgan Manufacturing Chicago was filled with laughter, joy and fresh flowers from start to finish.

Today, we’re so pleased to be sharing the wedding photography of this lovely Chicago couple with you. Alongside the story of not just the big day, but also the journey to their vows.

Where Did You Meet?

An 80s dance bar the night before New Year’s Eve isn’t exactly where you think you’re going to meet the love of your life, yet somehow that’s exactly what happened.“, shared Kristen. Serendipity doesn’t always strike in the places we expect it to, but for Kristen and Joshua, that didn’t matter. Both were partying with out-of-town friends before the wildness of NYE began. Fate forced Kristen to go over and strike up a conversation with “the most beautiful man she’d ever seen“.

The rest is history, and the pair haven’t stopped talking since that night, 5 years ago!

What’s their Engagement Story?

Enchanting Wedding Morgan Manufacturing Chicago

As you’ll see from the abundance of greenery and flowers on display at their Morgan Manufacturing wedding, Kristen and Joshua love nature. And that’s reflected deeply in their engagement story. The pair had gone up to the Redwoods because, in her words, Kristen is ‘obsessed with trees’. She also likes doing touristy stuff, so these two had arranged to go on the ‘Trees of Mystery’ tour, her ideal trip!

Kristen and Joshua rode a gondola up the steep mountain, and then hiked their way down a path. During their journey, the two stopped to take a break and enjoy the view. While Kristen was standing, taking in her surroundings, Joshua got down on one knee, and proposed. She, of course, said yes! However, it was nearly the shortest engagement in history, as her excitement almost toppled Joshua off the cliff edge! Thankfully, the pair were fine, and together they excitedly made their way back down the mountain to celebrate.

Wedding Inspiration

Kristen had originally asked that her vendors create a wild, fantastical scene, one that hinted at the couples’ shared passion for fantasy. They took their Morgan Manufacturing wedding venue to another level. She requested that they picture an abandoned warehouse, one that had been reclaimed by nature, and set her wedding within this mythical space.

The scene was certainly impressive! There was greenery and flowers pouring from every wall and hanging installations decorated the ceilings of the main celebration spaces. Most notably, their ceremony arch was a wildly beautiful piece that created a stunning focal point during their vows.

The Dress of Her Dreams

Enchanting Wedding Morgan Manufacturing Chicago

The dress Kristen wore on the big day was actually the second one she bought. Initially, she had gone bridal shopping with a whole gang of people, and together the group had unconsciously swayed her decision. A year later, and 4 months until the wedding, Kristen had a breakdown over her dress. It wasn’t what she wanted, and she deeply regretted her previous decision.

Our bride ended up going to Dimitra’s Bridal in downtown Chicago in search of ‘the one’. And together their team found a style she loved! She managed to get it shipped within her short timeframe before the wedding day! “I knew the second I put it on that it was made for me. It was simple, elegant, and didn’t fight with my massive bouquet, which was important to me“, said Kristen.

Photography Experience

Kristen and Joshua looked incredible during their portraits and were super relaxed during the big day. Kristen had said that she was pretty stressed about wedding stuff during their photo sessions, but after a few wise words from our team, she was so calm and collected.

The couple didn’t do a first look, as they wanted that first time seeing each other to be on the aisle. Those moments captured at the beginning of their ceremony, as they initially see each other, are so special.

Relax, and trust your photographer“, shared Kristen. “You hired them for a reason, and they know what they’re doing. Just roll with it, but also don’t be afraid to speak your mind if you have a photo idea that you really want.Also, don’t focus on formals. I know great aunt Suzie wants her memory with the bride and groom, but it was SO HARD trying to wrangle family members. It was probably the most stressful part of the wedding. I wish I would have just stuck with our immediate families and grandparents.

Other Vendors

Enchanting Wedding Morgan Manufacturing Chicago

Alongside the incredible wedding venue, a shout-out has to go to Melissa from Clementine Custom Events in Chicago for bringing our enchanting wedding at Morgan Manufacturing to life

. We heard she was an absolute lifesaver during the planning stages, and on the day was unbelievable at coordinating everyone. Their florist, Life in Bloom, also played a pivotal part in creating the spectacular, and elegant look of their celebrations. Blowing the couples’ every expectation out of the water. “The entire event was stunning, and they captured my vision perfectly. We got so many compliments on how everything looked“, shared Kristen. A big hit on the night was also Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos, they were adored by the guests, and really helped to keep the energy flowing all night.


Venue: Morgan MFG

Florist: Life in Bloom

Cake Designer: ECBG Studio

Makeup & Hair Stylist: RC Beauty

Wedding Planner: Clementine Custom Events

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