Lauren Ashley Studios Tennessee Wedding

A Stunning Tennessee Wedding

December 27, 2022


There were tears, there were endless views, and there were two people madly in love, tying the knot in just the way they wanted with a stunning Tennessee wedding.

If you’re looking for wedding venues in Tennessee, and you want somewhere with epic views, you have to check out The Trillium Venue in Sevierville. This luxury mountainside celebration space sits atop Bluff Mountain, and gifts its marrying couples breath-taking panoramic views of the mountain range as they exchange their vows. As Chicago wedding photographers, the place is an absolute gold mine for us. Offering so many beautiful locations to capture big day moments!

The Trillium Venue was the Tennessee wedding location for our couple, Megan and Ruben. A pair not content with your straight out-of-the-box wedding ideas. No, these two wanted a wedding that truthfully reflected them both, while still being elegant and sophisticated. And they totally nailed it!

We’re so pleased to now be sharing the pictures from Megan and Ruben’s wedding at The Trillium Venue, along with a little info about the day, and our newly-weds nuptials journey.

A Tale of Two Proposals

Lauren Ashley Studios Tennessee Wedding

Proposal style can say a lot about a couple, often offering clues into their relationship and their interests. When we heard Megan and Ruben’s engagement story/stories, we instantly learned a lot about them, and how special they are!

Our couple decided to both pop the question to each other, at different times. Creating wholly unique set-ups. Megan popped the question first, by setting up her own elaborate version of the popular YouTube show ‘Hot Ones‘. After eating the spiciest wing of the day, Megan asked Ruben to marry her.

For Ruben, he wanted to do something a little more intimate, and romantic for his proposal to Megan. He laid out a trail of flower petals in the basement of their home, that led Megan to a bottle of champagne and Ruben, waiting to pop the question.

Two entirely different proposals. But both equally beautiful, and representative of our couple!

The Black Dress

Lauren Ashley Studios Tennessee Wedding

As a curvy bride, Megan knew finding her dress would be a little more of a process than it should be. And moreover, she wanted a black gown. When considering everything, she’d convinced herself that she just wasn’t going to find ‘the one’. That was until Megan walked into Brides by Young, a charming Chicago boutique that specializes in plus size wedding dresses.

This is how Megan describes her experience there, “I went in figuring I would just try on silhouettes and narrow down what elements I wanted, but ultimately get a custom bridal gown made. I also promised my mom I would try on a white gown, just to see. The first dress I tried on had a removable over skirt and was black! I needed it on my body right away. When I tried it on and left the dressing room, it looked just so beautiful. And when I took the over skirt off, my mom, sister, and myself, all knew it was ‘the one’. Which means the first style I tried on, was the dress I walked down the aisle in!”

Not bad for someone who thought they’d never find the perfect wedding dress! Megan also had incredible help from her friend, Josh Yung, who did all the alterations on her gown and helped bustle her dress when the time came. Megan would’ve got her dress made from scratch by Josh, as he specializes in bespoke styles, if it were not for the dress she found right off the bat.

A Touching First Look

Lauren Ashley Studios Tennessee Wedding

We always promote to our couples the idea of having a first look before the ceremony. As it allows them an opportunity to grab a few precious moments together, before all the madness of the wedding begins!

Megan and Ruben were totally up for having one, and they loved doing their first look. For them, it was so great to have private time together on their wedding day. We positioned their moment out on the veranda at The Trillium Venue, overlooking the mountains, the place where they would eventually tie the knot later that day. It was a magical scene, and the two of them looked so delighted to see each other.

Both of them still cried when they saw each other on the aisle! So there was no emotion lost during that moment!

Breathtaking Place to Say ‘I Do’

Lauren Ashley Studios Tennessee Wedding

As we mentioned, Megan and Ruben’s vows took place on the veranda at The Trillium Venue. And it was a spectacular spot. The views are genuinely endless, and so diverse. Depending on the day, mountaintops, sweeping waves of trees and dotted houses can all be seen in the distance. Our couples’ loved ones adored the backdrop, and it certainly created the most naturally elegant scene for the vows.


Lauren Ashley Studios Tennessee Wedding

Megan handmade a lot of the decor elements present on their big day. She used her creative flair, and learning from various YouTube channels such as Jamie Wolfer. Our bride managed to put together a wedding that honestly blended style, and elegance with her and her now husbands’ unique personalities. Jackie Carter from Elease Productions was also incredible planning their celebration. All of their hard work blended so well with the already chic reception space at The Trillium Venue.

Stunning Portraits

Lauren Ashley Studios Tennessee Wedding

When you’re tying the knot somewhere as naturally stunning as The Trillium Venue, it would be criminal not to showcase it! Both Megan and Ruben totally agreed, and so we planned for plenty of portraits with them, and their loved ones to be held outdoors. We utilized every space including the balcony, the entrance, or in the case of our couple – out in the forest!

We took our newly-weds out into the mountains, and into creek beds to capture some unique portraits of them. The results were impressive, and so worth the trek! Megan was certainly glad she brought her Tevas!

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Lauren Ashley Studios Tennessee Wedding

It would be an honor to become a part of your wedding team, and create that timeless keepsake of your big day you’ll love forever. Myself and my team of Chicago wedding photographers at videographers at Lauren Ashley Studios will go above and beyond to capture the atmosphere of your special occasion, and share it with passion and authenticity.

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