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A Love Story at Chicago’s London House

November 1, 2023


Love stories have a unique way of weaving themselves into the fabric of our lives. Linda and Thomas’ tale is no exception. Their journey began at the gym one fateful summer in 2015, a chance meeting that was years in the making. Both of them were DePaul graduates, living in the same building, yet destiny had a timeline of its own. After eight incredible years together, they decided to embark on a new chapter of by tying the knot, at the stunning Chicago’s London House.

The Beginning

London House Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Linda and Thomas’ love story was marked by the balance they brought into each other’s lives. They complemented one another, with Thomas teaching Linda how to express love in new and profound ways. Linda had always admired how Thomas wore his heart on his sleeve. Llittle did she know that he, too, would discover new depths of emotion through their journey together.

The Perfect Proposal

The proposal was a beautifully orchestrated moment that left Linda in delightful shock. Thomas decided to pop the question at Maple & Ash, a renowned restaurant in Chicago. Before the big reveal, he hinted at what was coming by getting down on one knee with their fur babies and professing his love. As if that wasn’t enough to leave Linda breathless, a gigantic sign appeared across the restaurant, sealing the deal in front of their loved ones.

The Big Day

London House Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Linda and Thomas’ wedding day was nothing short of magical. It exuded a laid-back, romantic, and moody atmosphere in all the right ways. They loved being surrounded by family and friends who had traveled from various parts of North America. This day was about bridging two families from very different cultures and creating something truly special. And let’s not forget about the food – it was simply fantastic!

A 1950’s Dress

Linda’s wedding dress was a true labor of love. She designed it herself, drawing inspiration from the 1950s. The dress featured puff shoulders, a square neckline, and a tea-length skirt adorned with a bow corset. It was a masterpiece that came to life in the fashion capital of the world, Milan.


London House Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Linda and Thomas have some valuable advice for future couples planning their special day. First and foremost, do what feels right for you. Embrace your uniqueness, whether it’s in your hair, makeup, or style. Remember that the camera lens is only daunting until you realize you’re sharing the moment with someone you can get lost with.

Keeping the wedding party small and intimate was a choice they cherished. It allowed them to easily coordinate and share the joy of the day. Perfection is not the goal; it’s about embracing the imperfections with laughter and moving forward.

Plans For the Future

As they look to the future, Linda and Thomas are excited about continuing their journey of love. They are ready for the ups and downs, challenges and laughter, travels, and building their empire together. Their honeymoon plans include a romantic journey through Italy. They will travel from the southern regions to the northern cities, experiencing the rich culture, history, and beauty of the country. From Rome to Tuscany, and the serene beauty of Lake Como, their adventure together is only just beginning.

In the heart of Chicago, at the London House, Linda and Thomas celebrated a love story that began at the gym and blossomed into a lifetime of happiness. Their journey reminds us that love can find its way into our lives when we least expect it. The most beautiful moments are often the ones that are perfectly imperfect. We wish them a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and endless adventures as they continue to write their story together.

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London House Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

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