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A Beautiful Fall Wedding at Kuiper’s Farm

October 12, 2023


Nick and Tabitha’s love story began in the most unexpected place – a high school chemistry class during their sophomore year. Little did they know that the spark they felt during those experiments would eventually lead to a lifetime of love. Fast forward to a sunny day in Geneva, where Nick took Tabitha by surprise with a romantic proposal. With their love story beginning in high school and blossoming into a beautiful relationship, their wedding day was a long-awaited celebration. We are thrilled to share more about this beautiful fall wedding at Kuiper’s Farm.

The Dress That Stole Tabitha’s Heart

Kuipers Farm Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

When it came to choosing the perfect wedding dress, Tabitha knew exactly what she wanted. She stumbled upon a designer’s collection online and instantly fell in love. Eager to find “the one,” she sent out emails to various stores in search of this designer. To her surprise, the closest store carrying it was a four-hour drive away. Tabitha was determined; she made the journey and tried on the dress.

From the moment she put it on, Tabitha knew it was meant to be. She couldn’t bear to take it off, even when she visited another shop to explore more options. Every other dress was compared to the one she’d first tried on. It was crystal clear that she had found her dream dress. With the ability to customize it to perfection, Tabitha’s dress became a reflection of her style and personality.

A Dream Come True

The setting for Nick and Tabitha’s wedding was none other than the enchanting Kuiper’s Farm. This rustic venue is oozing with character. Its dark wood and twinkling lights inside created a the perfect romantic ambiance for their special day. The surrounding apple orchard was the perfect location for this fall wedding.

Tabitha’s favorite moment of the day was the enchanting ceremony under the twinkle lights. She saw her vision of a dreamy, romantic wedding come to life before her eyes. The atmosphere was filled with love and magic, making it a moment she’ll cherish forever.

Nick’s heartwarming memory was the first look he had at Tabitha. The photoshoot in the apple orchard was a delightful experience, capturing their love amidst the beauty of nature. What truly touched his heart was seeing all their family and friends gathered together during the ceremony. It was a powerful reminder of the love and support that surrounded them.

Picture Perfect Wedding Tips

Kuipers Farm Wedding Lauren Ashley Studios

Nick and Tabitha have some sage advice for brides and grooms planning their big day:

  1. Do a First Look: Having a first look session before the ceremony allowed them to capture all their special moments while the sun was still shining, resulting in stunning photographs.
  2. Self-Care Matters: Make sure you and your partner are well-groomed, hydrated, and well-fed on your wedding day. It’s a long day, and staying nourished and refreshed will keep your energy up.
  3. Beauty Sleep: Try to get a good night’s sleep before the big day. The wedding festivities can be exhausting, so being well-rested will help you enjoy every moment.

Nick and Tabitha’s wedding was truly a picture-perfect day, and they couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. They expressed their gratitude for Lauren and her photography team. They were not only professional but also a joy to work with. The memories captured on their special day will serve as a lasting testament to the love they share and the beautiful moments they created together at their beautiful wedding at Kuiper’s Farm.

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