intercontinental chicago high end michigan ave magnificent mile wedding chicago wedding photography

InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile | Chicago Wedding

March 7, 2020




Weddings are always emotional for me, no matter how many I photograph. I love serving every couple, creating an experience just for them.

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intercontinental chicago high end michigan ave magnificent mile wedding chicago wedding photography

One of the Best Wedding Vows We’ve Ever Heard!

Ah Weddings: They make you laugh, they make you cry and they wow you! Michelle and Dr. Imad surpassed all three 1000% times over.

From start to finish the day was filled with so much love and emotion, from her father, tearing up seeing her for the first time in her gown, to Andrew David singing “Hallelujah” and to the most heartfelt vows you’ve ever heard.

If you have the time to read both their vows be ready to grab the tissues!
Bride Michelle’s vows:

From the moment I met you I was immediately drawn to you. I sensed there was something very different and special about you. Something I never felt before. I found myself very intrigued by this feeling, and so grateful I chose to embrace it. Fast forward a few bumps and a lot of love later, I still find myself completely enamored by you. So my promises to you from this day on the word are,

I promise to trust and respect you as your own person, to honor your independence, and to encourage your hopes, your dreams, your hobbies, and your ambitions.

I promise to always be your Safetynet, where you can fall freely knowing that I will always catch you in sickness, in health, and in life.

I promise to always put our families first, to love, to nurture and in every aspect of life.

I promise to never let our life become Mundane. To always challenge you to grow, to try new things, to explore life one adventure at a time. As you challenge me to do the same.

I promise to always be patient and kind, and always look for the light in anything that life throws our way, big or small, and to always be fair.

I promise to always be open with you to share all of my hopes, my feelings, my dreams, and my fears. To help you conquer your fears, just as you help me conquer mine. Even if it includes jumping into a wide-open ocean with enormous animals

I promise to always honor your inner child and to always be impressed with the elaborate jokes that you come up with at a moment’s notice. To appreciate the joy that you bring to all those around you. You’re a little ray of sunshine in everyone’s day. I promise to always laugh at your child-like outbursts, while playing Fortnite, yelling at the TV with some special boys here tonight.

I promise to always appreciate your compassionate heart. To always be your outlet in the workday is filled with tough cases and hard news that changes people’s lives forever. To always remember how my heart melts watching you, and all the love that you have for your niece, Zarah, and your family.

I promise to never sweat the small stuff because life is too short. I will always give all of myself, as you give all of yourself to me. Like the sheikh said: “He who is the more accommodating partner is the better partner”, and I know you like a good challenge. So game on!

And finally the most important promise of all, I promise to love you with all that I have until my final breath. Always have a forgiving heart, and to always remember this moment right now. Where we are surrounded by all the love of our family and friends. I will always cherish this moment.
Groom Imad’s Vows

Michelle, you look so beautiful to me today. But know that you will always look beautiful to me, and will always be this beautiful to me, tomorrow, and the next day and the next and then next.

I vow to never stop making you laugh. It’s your smile that I go to when I need rescue.

I vow to infuse our life with adventure at every step. I want to continue to be awestruck with you in every country on this earth. Be it riding scooters at midnight in Lisbon getting yelled at by local police, to flipping over 15x while ocean kayaking in Aruba or zip-lining awkwardly over Costa Rican rainforests. To the simple adventure of our summer evening bike rides through the lights of the city. The wonder in your eyes and heart fuels me.

I vow to stop saying “Alright sounds good” in a southern accent whenever I wasn’t listening to what you just told me.

I vow to stop trying to offer you a colonoscopy every time you have a headache or a cold. I know it’s getting old.

I vow to work on my health-related anxiety. Every time I have a cough I will stop diagnosing myself with things like fulminant disseminated blastomycosis or Ebola.

I promise to give you all of me, in every way possible, always. I promise to nurture the love that has formed between us, to work to grow it and never take it for granted. You honor me with that love, and with it, I am invincible.

I promise to remain on the perpetual quest to better myself as a man, as a husband, and as a father and to elevate the family that we build above all else.

I vow to respect your parents and care for them as if mine. They did me a HUGE favor getting you birthed. Wouldn’t be here without them.

Michelle, I vow to show up. Life is going to throw things at us, and when that happens, we show up. When you take a hit, I’ll be there to support you. When you are crying, I’ll be there till your cheeks are dry. When you are angry, I will be your grounding pad. And through all these, I promise to be your ladder back to health, happiness, security, and comfort. I will ALWAYS show up.

Michelle, you are my person. You’ve been there for me and always will be, of this I am certain. I vow to love you as you love me, and whatever may come, I promise to always be there with love.

I love you with every ounce of me Michelle. Thank you for choosing me.

Oh no you guys…. Thank you….

Thank you for choosing US to be a part of this loving and emotional day. Love you both!

Lauren Ashley Studios

Venue: InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile
Wedding Planner & Florist: Christine Janda Design & Events
Dress: Martellen’s Bridal Boutique

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