Tiffany & Peter | Chicago Downtown Wedding

August 15, 2019



How I met this couple at first was over the phone, with a single phone call they wanted to work with me and they hadn’t even met me in person yet!

I have to giggle because one of the first words Tiffany said to me was: “I stalk you on Instagram, I know who you are”. 😂😂😂What an honor that is, and her sense of humor had me going their entire wedding day!

The morning of the wedding was a party! Of drums! Trumpets and Dancing! Even Grandma was showing off her moves! I mean if you are going to start a wedding! They were doing it right! 🎺🥁🎉

We were already running late to the ceremony. (The groom called it), however, the ceremony was emotional, loving and very family-oriented. We were able to capture dramatic images under the stained glasses windows with the sunlight peeking through (Dramatic and artistic lighting is my thing 😉 before rushing ourselves to the party bus to get downtown.

Initially, the party bus told us we needed a photography permit to take photos downtown! And we didn’t have one! I guess there was a recent law change that we didn’t know about. ::seriously:: Tiffany was NOT happy about this. We were making plans on other locations nearby while Peter MADE SURE somehow or some way we would make it downtown Chicago! Peter was able to figure out how to make it work and we all joked how they both just got though their first big issue as a married couple. 😉

We graced the street of Chicago with Tiffany’s beauty and Peter’s handsome smiling face. We shot at the Chicago sign, the Alley on State St. and the Wrigley Building where they finished it off with a celebration in the streets while onlookers cheered and sent warm wishes and congratulations.

Tiffany and Peter you are such a beautiful couple, truly inside and out! Unexpected friendships are always the best ones! – Lauren Ashley

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