Jessica + Dana – Ice Castles – Lake Geneva

February 20, 2019




Monday afternoon we packed up and started our two hour trip to Lake Geneva to visit the popular Ice Castles for a session! Despite the cold, the crowds, and complications, we were able to get the most amazing shots! ❄️

Jess White is a fellow talented photographer and friend from Iowa! I have loved watching her advance in her career over the years, and it’s always an honor to photograph people you have worked with! 😀

We started off with a family session which ended quickly when poor little Archer wasn’t a fan of the ice! ( We don’t blame him!! ) We captured some photos fast, got the little ones back to the car (with Lisa), got yelled at by employees for leaving (Mostly at Dana 😂), and continued on with our session. Jessica and Dana were married a year ago on Valentines Day in Rivera Maya Mexico!!! So we wanted to recreate some magical moments just like they had on the day of their wedding, but instead of sand castles! We shot with ice castles! With perfect lighting and the most incredible scene, we were able to capture amazing photos in the matter of just 15 minutes despite the shoulder to shoulder crowds and the employees yelling at us.

Yes you read that right, we shot these stunning images in about 15 mins!

Needless to say, the day didn’t go exactly how we planned, but it left us with a funny story to tell and some gorgeous photos to reminisce about!


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