Erin + Scott – Hauberg Civic Center – Rock Island

March 27, 2018




And to think, we were at first upset about the snow…..

When people ask how this stunning couple found our wedding photography studio, I, in jest, tell people I met Scott on the Mississippi River. However, it’s true! During a beautiful sunset, we both found ourselves pulling our cars over and taking photos of the vibrant colors reflecting off the water. 

We started a conversation and soon figured out that we were both in the photography industry. We even recognized one another’s work! We talked about cameras, lenses, lighting and angles. Anyone who knows Scott knows he had me doubled over in laughter by the time we entered “blue hour.”

A few months had gone by when I got a call telling me, “I want you to shoot my wedding, so let’s figure this out!!” Music to any photographer’s ears and such an honorable request. Chris and I met his beautiful bride, Erin, and her daughter, adorable little Lauren. OMGosh is she a doll! I seriously couldn’t get enough of her. 

Day of the wedding – there is 10-12 inches of SNOW on the ground with a continual blizzard downfall!! At the end of March!!! Seriously!? At first, I was irritated and thought we were not going to be able to get outside…

Needless to say, a picture is worth a thousand snowflakes and those snowflakes were the best thing to have happened to their wedding photos!!! 

I have to add that my next favorite part of the wedding was when Scott read his vows to his new daughter, Lauren. Tears were streaming down everyone’s faces including my own. To seal his promise, she got a ring too. :: ugly cry face::

They were both so genuine and appreciative of the photography process. When Scott saw some of the stunning moments we captured, he became emotional, teared up and hugged me. What a teddy bear! 

What I thought was going to be a disaster of a snow day, turned into one of my favorite weddings of all time….and such is life!