Natalie + Christian – Walt Disney World, Florida

December 7, 2018




“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”

― Walt Disney

This story is quite embarrassing but quite funny. 

Natalie & Christian are past clients (and friends) of mine, when we found out we were going to be at Disney World at the same time, we jumped on the chance for a photo session! 

I met up with the adorable couple and start shooting at the Princess Castle like I’m a kid in a candy store! I mean honestly who has the chance to shoot a photo session at Disney?!?! I can be quite energetic and entertaining (according to some) so I am used to people staring and taking pictures as I work. 

I start moving to a new location and this lady is filming me with her cell phone as I shoot the couple, I ignore it and keep moving. I’m slightly confused, thinking maybe she knows that I know where the good locations are, as she takes photos of her husband in the same spots. Poor Natalie can feel my frustration. 

At the 3rd location, the woman continues to follow me, smiling behind her cell phone, and now I’m freaking out as it’s now affecting my shooting, wide-eyed I turn to the couple and go “Omgosh, let’s go somewhere else, what is this crazy lady’s deal?!

Christian turns to me. 


that’s my mom……”

::Foot in mouth::

I had NO IDEA they were with family!?! I meant no harm! I had no idea! I thought they were by themselves?!?!? 

I wanted to die, I turned as red as my mickey mouse shirt and profusely started to apologize, they started laughing finding it more funny than offending.

THANK GOD they are my friends and were totally understanding! 

Needless to say, mom stood behind me the rest of the time and I was able to capture this killer shot.