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Are you engaged?

Do you live in Cape Town Africa, Seattle, Vegas or Bali?

Are you adventurous and fun loving?

Then please take a moment to read this!

Our photography team is traveling to all of these locations in the next couple months and we are looking for adventurous and passionate young couples who would be interested & willing to work with us!!!

The session itself would be free!

We will require a $50 deposit that will be given back to you the day of the session!

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What date would be best for you?

Travel Dates:

Cape Town, Africa:

Jan 27th -Feb 22nd 2019

Seattle, Washington:

Feb 8th - Feb 11th 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Feb 26th - March 3rd 2019

Bali, Indonesia:

March 24th - 30th 2019

Couple Requirements:

A real couple that is fun loving, adventurous, passionate and doesn’t mind being in front of a camera. Experience as a “model” is not required! You will need to put down a deposit of $50 to hold the date and time, on the day of the session you will be refunded your money! :D

What do we get?

You will get up to 10 -15 high end digital images you are welcome to print or do with as you please, you also get a fun and stunning photoshoot with Lauren Ashley Studios!